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The 28th Edition of the District of Columbia Practice Manual is now available, digital access only. This two-volume comprehensive publication brings together the collective knowledge of hundreds of experienced practitioners covering the basics of law in the District.

The manual contains 35 chapters on administrative procedure, alternative dispute resolution, antitrust, appellate practice in the D.C. Court of Appeals, art law, child abuse and neglect, commercial law, consumer protection, corporate practice, criminal law and practice, criminal traffic offenses, domestic relations, employment law, environmental law, finding the law in the District of Columbia, government contracts, Health Maintenance Organizations Act, human rights, Insurance Law, intervention proceedings, juvenile law and practice, landlord and tenant practice, legal ethics and lawyer discipline, mental health proceedings, partnerships, personal injury, political law, real property, small claims, Superior Court civil practice, taxation, U.S. District Court civil practice, wills and estates, workers' compensation, and zoning and historic preservation.

To preview the Table of Contents, click here for Volume 1 and here for Volume 2.

We have sold out of the hardcopies, currently only the digital version is for sale.

The 29th Edition will be available in the Fall 2022. If you have any questions, email [email protected].

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How valuable is the Practice Manual? Read these testimonials from users:

I am general counsel at a $72 million a year health care company. I handle everything that comes through the door. Because my practice is so varied, I am constantly looking at the District of Columbia Practice Manual to make sure that I am up to speed on many areas of D.C. practice: administrative law and agency practice, Superior Court, human rights, labor and employment, landlord-tenant, workers' compensation, real estate, torts, and even small claims. As a member of six state bar associations, sometimes it is hard to keep things straight, but the Practice Manual always puts me on the right course in advising my client on how to proceed or letting opposing counsel know that I will be handling their complaint competently and confidently.

-Timothy MB Farrell

Working on the DCPM helped me stay up-to-date on the latest developments in DC employment law.  I do not practice DC law as a federal employee, but working on the practice manual helped prepare me to take on pro bono employment law matters in the District, including through the DC Bar Pro Bono Center.

-Hanan Idilbi

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